Tobacco Smoking - Global


Globally, over 1 billion people smoke. The table summarizes the number of smokers by territory using the most current prevalence data in those territories covered by Ethismos patents and/or data exclusivity issued or in process as of 3Q18. As noted in the table, Ethismos’ patents and data protections cover over 70% of global smokers (source: WHO Global Report on the Tobacco Epidemic 2017; Europe defined as Euro-28 less Malta, Luxembourg and Cyprus plus Norway and Russia. Each of these countries have data exclusivity protection).


In many territories, a substantial number of smokers (up to half or more of smokers) attempt to quit each year, however in the US, only 7% succeed (i.e, the vast majority will relapse)


Smokers with the highest smoking dependency begin smoking early in the morning. These smokers often also have the most difficulty quitting and are more prone to relapse


Millions of smokers across the globe have made the decision to use medications to help them quit

Current medications primarily address craving. At ETHISMOS we are developing a treatment regimen that addresses cravings plus the negative mood that most frequently leads to relapse as well as weight gain and impulsive behavior that accompany withdrawal and lead to relapse. 


US (8.5 million) 

Roughly 50 million US adults smoke cigarettes daily; Just over half of American smokers attempt to quit annually; 30% (8.5 million) of those attempting to quit use medications to help them stop smoking


CHINA (5.6 million)

Over 300 million Chinese adults smoke cigarettes daily; 25% of Chinese smokers attempt to quit annually; approximately 7% (5.6 million) of those attempting to quit use medications to help with quitting

Are e-Cigarettes (Vapes) Competitive to Amitifadine? (Unlikely)

According to the Foundation for a Smoke-Free World (2018), in 2017 the US “vape” market was valued at $5 billion, Europe at $5.5 billion, and the Asian market (largely Japan and S. Korea) at $6.6 billion. In total the e-Cigarette market was valued at nearly $18 billion and growing rapidly.

Importantly, a number of studies published recently suggest that e-Cigarettes are being used among many smokers to supplement their use of nicotine. Glantz et al., 2018 cited 93%, 83%, and 60% of smokers in the US, French, and UK, respectively are dual e-cigarette and combustible cigarette users. Furthermore, Kulik, et al., 2018 showed in a large study conducted in Europe-28 that e-Cigarettes were associated with a decrease in smoking cessation.

Thus, it appears that e-Cigarettes are expanding the number of people dependent on nicotine. Electronic-cigarettes are not approved for smoking cessation in any territory and are not competitive to amitifadine.